GreenYellow announces the finalization of Ardian's acquisition of a stake in the company and accelerates its expansion in Europe

GreenYellow announces the finalization of Ardian's acquisition of a stake in the company and accelerates its expansion in Europe

  • Ardian completes the acquisition of approximately 75% of GreenYellow. Historical shareholders renew their confidence in the group, with Groupe Casino, Tikehau and Bpifrance reinvesting in the capital.
  • Ardian's arrival as a majority shareholder will enable GreenYellow to consolidate the evolution of its infrastructure asset operator business model and its growth strategy at a crucial time for the energy transition.
  • GreenYellow is stepping up its development in Europe, a priority in its growth strategy for the next 5 years.

Finalization of changes in controlling shareholder structure

GreenYellowan expert in decentralized photovoltaic production, energy efficiency projects and energy services, announces the completion of Ardian's acquisition of a stake in the Group as the new majority shareholder. The transaction is based on an enterprise value of 1.4 billion euros.

Ardian now holds around 75% of GreenYellow. The three historical shareholders, Groupe Casino, Tikehau and Bpifrance, continue to hold a stake in the Group.

For over 15 years, GreenYellow has been helping companies and local authorities in France and abroad to develop, own and operate their energy transition projects over the long term.

Acceleration of long-term operator model and European expansion

At a time when the energy transition is taking on a particular urgency, against a backdrop of climate emergency and international tensions on the energy market that are weighing on the long-term viability of companies and amplifying sustainable investment strategies, GreenYellow is showing strong growth momentum. The company is continuing to roll out its unique, global platform of fully-financed offerings to meet the main needs of businesses and local authorities.

At the end of August 2022, GreenYellow had more than 500 solar power plants in operation worldwide, and nearly 275 projects under construction, representing more than 930 MWp of installed capacity or under construction. The additional pipeline of solar photovoltaic opportunities amounts to 3.5GWp.

Similarly, GreenYellow has over 3100 Energy Performance Contracts in operation worldwide, and 285 projects underway, representing over 1050 GWh of energy savings generated per year. The additional pipeline of energy efficiency opportunities amounts to 1100 GWh.

The completion of the transaction with Ardian will also enable GreenYellow to consolidate its equity base with the injection of 170 million euros of capital to continue :

  • Its development as anoperator owning and operating its assets over the long term.
  • Geographic expansion, with astrong acceleration expected in Europe.

GreenYellow announces its ambition to accelerate its development in Europe, the priority of its growth strategy for the next 5 years. The company now has offices in Madrid and Warsaw, and will be pursuing its growth strategy in other European countries. GreenYellow also announces its presence in Hungary, with the ongoing construction of the country's largest self-consumption photovoltaic plant for an automotive manufacturer. With a capacity of 9MWp, this plant will produce 10 GWh of green energy every year.

"Today marks the beginning of a new chapter in GreenYellow's history, in a buoyant market where our global platform of financed offers is perfectly in tune with the demand for energy transition. The arrival of Ardian, a pioneering investor in renewable energies, as a majority shareholder will provide us with the resources and support we need to accelerate our development. We will be seizing external growth opportunities in Europe and pursuing our development in all our businesses", said Otmane HAJJI, Chairman of GreenYellow.

" GreenYellow 's offer is a concrete and immediate response to reconciling growth and resilience for businesses and local authorities in the face of the current energy crisis. It strengthens the security of their supplies and reduces their energy bills, while offering them decisive solutions for their decarbonization and energy sobriety efforts. By supporting the ambitions of GreenYellow, Ardian's Infrastructure team is asserting itself as a key partner for players in the energy transition. Over the years, we have built up a unique platform that has historically contributed to the development of renewable energies, acts ambitiously to decarbonize the economy by supporting the conversion of existing infrastructures, and is strongly committed to financing the growth of the hydrogen industry", said Mathias BURGHARDT, Member of Ardian's Executive Committee and Head of Infrastructure.

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