GreenYellow invited by OFATE

As part of the online event "Photovoltaics at the consumer's service: self-consumption, new offers & new markets" organized last week by OFATE (the Franco-German Office for Energy Transition), GreenYellow was invited to take part in the round-table discussion entitled "Self-consumption, grids and RE financing: what costs, what contributions?".

Frédéric Fabre, CFO of GreenYellow, was the keynote speaker at this round table. Exchanges between the various speakers specializing in energy, renewable energies and solar photovoltaics, as well as questions from online participants, provided an opportunity to compare and question the recent development of solar photovoltaic self-consumption in France and Germany, as well as major trends for the future.

It was also an opportunity to show how GreenYellow can actively contribute to the green recovery and the development of self-consumption thanks to its business model based on financing its customers' projects clients.

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 Frédéric Fabre, CFO of GreenYellow, invited by OFATE"In the current context, more than ever, GreenYellow is at the side of its clients customers to finance their solar projects and thus actively contribute to the decarbonization of the French energy mix and accelerate the consideration of local and decentralized solutions."
Frédéric Fabre CFO of GreenYellow

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