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GreenYellow has been investing for several years in Cambodia, a country whose economic growth is among the strongest in Southeast Asia, and which also faces the dual challenge of energy transition and the country's growing electricity needs to support its development.

In this context, GreenYellow has worked with the Cambodian private sector to implement several decentralized solar energy projects despite a complex regulatory framework.
As a result, since July 2021, over 6 MWp of solar photovoltaic projects have been secured, both rooftop solar power plants to supply private clients and ground-mounted projects supplying the electricity grid with growing needs.

The aim of these projects is to help our clients customers meet their commitments in terms of carbon emission reduction, and also to secure energy production in a country where demand is growing rapidly. As an example, the first phase of the AEON MALL Sen Sok City project (the largest shopping mall in Phnom Penh), in the form of project management assistance (PMA), was successfully concluded and has just led to the signature of a turnkey contract (EPC) for the implementation of the 2.1MWp rooftop project.

It also marked the launch of the construction of the first Operational Leasing Contract for a solar plant rooftop photovoltaic plant to supply the Betagro Group factory (a major Thai player in the food processing industry), with an initial phase of 400 kWp followed by a potential 800 kWp extension.

These projects were successfully completed thanks to the local team's adaptability (contract engineering), resilience and creativity in the face of challenges in a country as demanding as Cambodia in terms of regulations.

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