2023 CSR Report

GreenYellow celebrates 5 years of CSR and releases the latest edition of its CSR report

Since GreenYellow was founded in 2007, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) has been deeply rooted in the Group’s DNA.

In 2019, GreenYellow formalises its CSR policy and, in 2020, publishes the first edition of the dedicated report. This is where the story begins…


17 years of decarbonisation, 5 years of CSR and 1 new report

In 2024, we are celebrating 5 years of CSR at GreenYellow!

For this year’s edition, we once again wanted to showcase an artist: Alison Bignon.

Her poetic works illustrate each pillars of our CSR policy:

  1. Act responsibly towards the environment 
  2. Support the development of local institutions and populations
  3. Establish sustainaible, ethical and transparent partnerships
  4. Develop and value our employees while ensuring their health and safety

Page by page, find out more about our day-to-day actions, our 2023 achievements and our 2024 objectives.

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