GreenYellow accelerates development in Portugal and Poland with the acquisition of Grow Energy Management (GEM)

  •  GreenYellowa major player in energy transition, controlled by Ardian, one of the world's leading
    private equity firm, is pursuing its growth in Europe with the acquisition of Grow
    Energy Management (GEM) and two photovoltaic portfolios.
  •  This operation makes GreenYellow a leader in photovoltaic solar energy and energy efficiency
    and energy efficiency in Portugal and Poland in the industrial and commercial sectors.
    GreenYellow integrates a multisite portfolio of nearly 120 MWp ready for construction or already in operation
    in operation, including a large-scale 100 MWp project in Poland with Biedronka (Jeronimo Martins Group).
  • In collaboration with the GEM management team, GreenYellow also plans to develop more than 100 MWp over the next 3 years in Poland and Portugal.

GreenYellowa major player in the energy transition, specializing in decentralized solar photovoltaic production and energy efficiency projects, announces the integration of the platform of Grow Energy Management (GEM), an expert in decentralized photovoltaics and a leading player in Portugal and Poland. This operation, which includes two project portfolios, marks a major step in
GreenYellow 's expansion in these two countries. As a result, the Group is strengthening its position as a leading player in the solar photovoltaic sector for companies in the industrial and commercial distribution sectors in both Poland and Portugal.

The transaction includes almost 120 MWp of decentralized solar projects ready for construction or already in operation, in the industrial and commercial distribution sectors. This includes, in particular, a portfolio of projects with a total capacity of 100 MWp with Biedronka in Poland (Jeronimo Martins Group).

With this transaction, including an exchange of shares, GEM and GreenYellow Portugal will become a single entity (GreenYellow Portugal) based in Lisbon and controlled by GreenYellow. The latter will continue to develop the Group's two flagship offerings: decentralized photovoltaics, with a particular focus on solar self-consumption, andEaaS (Energy-as-a-Service), to accelerate the decarbonization of businesses.

Miguel Almeida Henriques, Miguel Magalhães and Bernardo Matos will co-lead GreenYellow Portugal, continuing the successful development initiated with GEM. Their ambitious goal is to develop over 100 MWp of decentralized solar projects over the next three years in both Portugal and Poland . Together with GreenYellow Polska, they will also support the development and operation of existing projects, as well as future initiatives in Poland.
This transaction enables GreenYellow to consolidate its position as a major player in solar self-consumption in Europe. GreenYellow plans to invest almost 150 million euros over the next three years in Portugal and Poland to accelerate the energy transition of its clients.

"We are delighted to welcome the GEM teams to GreenYellow. This integration testifies to the trust placed in us by GEM and their clients, an invaluable asset in this operation. I would also like to thank our shareholder Ardian, Marcelino Oreja (Chairman of GreenYellow Iberia and Member of the Board of Directors of the GreenYellow group), our partners and employees for their support. for their support. This operation is part of our strategy to accelerate our European expansion announced at the end of 2022, and underlines our commitment to actively contribute to the energy transition energy transition in Portugal and Poland, with even greater ambition. says Otmane Hajji, Chairman of GreenYellow.

"GEM has developed a unique expertise in the Portuguese self-consumption market (UPAC) with leading clients . GreenYellow is the ideal partner for the next stage of our growth, bringing both financial capacity and technical expertise to accelerate our development. growth, bringing both the financial capacity and technical expertise to accelerate our development to provide our clients customers with the best solutions for decentralized solar power generation and energy efficiency. and energy efficiency solutions at competitive and sustainable prices, thereby helping to reduce emissions and promote a cleaner, more sustainable future. Our geographical in Poland and Portugal will enable us to generate commercial synergies between the teams. teams." says Miguel Almeida Henriques, President of GEM and co-director of GreenYellow Portugal.

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