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Our priority

Shift to profitable energy!

GreenYellow is your partner

to ensure that you consume less and better
and decarbonize your activity without investment.

  • Over
    €1.4 billion

    invested in our
    clients’ premises

  • 3,300

    in Energy

  • 1,170 MWp

    or being installed

Our solutions

One comprehensive offer…

Thanks to our unique global offer, we assist each client in a realistic, committed energy transformation.

Shift Efficiency

Reduce your energy footprint and optimize your equipments
Energy Efficiency Agreement (EEA)
Cooling for food and industry
Lighting, air conditioning, automation

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Shift Production

Produce green, local & low-cost electricity
Ground-mount farm in a retention pond
Solar flotting power plant

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Shift Energy Services

Support your energy sourcing strategy
Energy purchasing
Contract optimization
Monitoring consumption

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Shift Mobility

Add new services to your sites in line with the acceleration of the electric vehicle sales market
Engineering, procurement and commissioning
Installation, supervision and maintenance of EV charging points

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A global payer

Partner in your energy transition around the world

GreenYellow has more than 530 employees worldwide
The company is present on four continents and in 16 countries, reaching the four corners of the globe.

GreenYellow's locations across the world