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Here are some frequently asked questions about GreenYellow and our services. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

GreenYellow founded in 2007 and headed by one of its founders, businessman Otmane Hajji, is a major player in the energy transition in France and abroad, and a true ally of companies and local communities .

An expert in decentralized photovoltaic solar production,energy efficiency projects, energy services and electric mobility, GreenYellow supports its clients across the entire value chain. The group develops, finances and operates infrastructure projects enabling them to produce green, local and competitive energy, reduce their energy consumption and thus accelerate their decarbonization .

Operating on an international scale, with a presence in three main regional hubs: Europe, South America and Southeast Asia, GreenYellow is constantly innovating to meet climate challenges and enrich its unique, global decarbonization offer platform .

GreenYellow offers a platform of decarbonation services to support companies and local communities in their energy transition. Our services, 100% financed by GreenYellow, includeenergy optimization, decentralizeddecentralized solar powerand energy services and electric vehicle charging infrastructure solutions.

To find out more about your project and the issues at stake, contact an expert GreenYellow

At GreenYellow, we understand the difficulties faced by companies and local communities in embarking on their carbon trajectory. That's why we offer them financed, tailor-made turn key projects to help them control and reduce their energy costs, reduce their carbon footprint and meet regulatory requirements for energy transition.

Yes, GreenYellow supports its clients customers, both businesses and local communities, across the entire value chain, including financing. We know that investing in photovoltaic energy and energy efficiency can involve significant capital expenditure. We offer financed contracts (PPA/CPPA/CPE) to help you achieve your low-carbon trajectory goals. 👉 GreenYellow | Financing (

You can contact GreenYellow via our website by filling in the contact form. We're always here to help and answer any questions you may have.

GreenYellow operates on an international scale, helping companies and local communities in their energy transition efforts.

  • Europe  
    • France 
    • Spain 
    • Portugal 
    • Poland 
    • West Indies & French Guiana 
  • Asia  
    • Thailand 
    • Vietnam  
  • Latin America  
    • Brazil  
    • Colombia 
  • Africa & Indian Ocean  

Whether you're based in one or more countries, our team of experts is available to work with you across our different geographies.

GreenYellow operates The formalization of Ambitions and Values GreenYellow marks an important milestone in our journey as acompany committed to a more sustainable world .

At GreenYellow, our mission is to actively contribute to the global energy transition by offer our platform of innovative and sustainable offers. We are the ally of companies and local communities in their energy performance and solar energy production .

As an international player, our expertise and fully financed offers provide our clients with concrete, immediate and profitable solutions to help them reduce their carbon footprint

We want to go further, push our limits and make a difference on a grand scale. To embody our vision, we have defined four major ambitions that guide all our actions

Visual of the Group's four ambitions GreenYellow : 1 = Leader in Energy Transition, 2 = Top employer, 3 = Our clients preferred company, 4 = Champion of data measurement and intelligence.

These new ambitions go hand in hand with fundamental values that are at the heart of our identity:

The four Group values GreenYellow : 1 = Expertise, 2 = Commitment, 3 = Team spirit, 4 = Going Beyond

If you are interested in becoming a GreenYellow partner, please contact us via the contact form. We would be delighted to explore partnership opportunities with you.

Yes, GreenYellow offers career opportunities for people who are passionate about energy transition and sustainability. Visit our Careers page on the website to find out about current vacancies and submit your application.

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If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to support you on your journey towards a sustainable future.

Note: The information provided in this FAQ is subject to change. Please refer to our website or contact us directly for the most up-to-date information.