Reservoir Sun, a 100% subsidiary GreenYellow, supports Safran in its energy transition

Reservoir Sun, a 100% subsidiary GreenYellow, supports Safran in its energy transition and inaugurates a 4.8 MWp self-consumption project on the nacelle production site.

As part of the contract signed with the French Safran group on July 8, 2022, which specializes in the aeronautics (propulsion, equipment and interiors), space and defense sectors, Reservoir Sun, a 100% subsidiary of GreenYellow and France's leading self-consumption solar power company, today inaugurated its nacelle production site at Gonfreville-l'Orcher in the Seine-Maritime region. The new facility is one of 8 planned in France between now and 2025, with a total capacity of almost 25 MWp, mainly deployed in parking lot shading systems.

The 4.8 MWp self-consumption project , entirely dedicated to the site's 1,500 employees and equivalent to the average annual electricity consumption of 1,030 households, consists of an installation of 12,000 photovoltaic panels in parking lot shades, covering a total surface area of 24,000 m². This installation will cover more than 25% of the site's electricity needs, with an annual production of 4.9 GWh of low-carbon electricity. This project represents a significant economic and environmental benefit.

Entirely financed by Reservoir Sun, this installation is one of the largest self-consumption photovoltaic power plants on an industrial site in France.

Caption: Olivier Andriès, CEO of Safran, Alban Bruneau, Mayor of Gonfreville-L'Orcher, Ross McInnes, Chairman of the Board of Safran, Edouard Philippe, President of Le Havre Seine Métropole and Mayor of Le Havre, Vincent Caro, President of Safran Nacelles and Mathieu Cambet, President of Reservoir Sun.


Reservoir Sun is working with Safran to support the Group's energy transition in France. This contracted project , financed, developed and built in a flash for a 4.8 MWp plant, is the result of a call for tenders launched by Safran in 2021 for the solarization of its French sites. The Safran Nacelles solar project, operational since August 2023, marks the start of a long-term collaboration, with a second project already underway on another parking lot at the Gonfreville-L'Orcher site.

For Safran, this collaboration testifies to a deep commitment to contemporary environmental and societal issues, marking its transition in favor of renewable energies. By choosing Reservoir Sun as a partner in this initiative, Safran is joining forces with a major player in solar self-consumption, which has become the market leader in France in just 5 years.

"Reservoir Sun is proud to support Safran in its energy transition by providing environmentally-friendly solutions. Our complete management of the installation is designed to help Safran reduce its energy consumption while improving its performance," says Mathieu Cambet, Director of Reservoir Sun by GreenYellow.

"Thanks to our collaboration with Reservoir Sun, installation of the photovoltaic power plant at the Gonfreville-L'Orcher site took less than a year, and we're already seeing a yield that meets our expectations. By directly consuming the electricity produced by the photovoltaic plant, we are increasing our local energy autonomy and taking another step forward in our drive to reduce our environmental footprint," confides Vincent Caro, President of Safran Nacelles.

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