Your tailor-made solar energy production project

Produce green, local and competitively priced energy,

within a short timeframe, to improve consumption and support your decarbonization trajectory

GreenYellow is your single point of contact, an international photovoltaic expert, managing every project from A to Z.

Since 2007, we've been creating financed solar power systems and tailor-made, perfectly tailored to your specific needs. As a leader in decentralized solar power, we take care of every aspect, from financing to construction and operation, to guarantee performance throughout the life of the contract.

Our GreenYellow team of qualified experts takes care of the the entire process, ensuring that every stage of the solar project is carried out with professionalism and expertise. We analyze your energy needs, design customized decentralized solar solutions, identify opportunities for optimization, and take care of all the necessary administrative procedures. 

In terms of financing, GreenYellow offers you flexible and advantageous options tailored to your specific situation.

Once your decentralized solar power system is up and running operational, the experts at GreenYellow continue to manage and maintain it to maximize its performance and optimize your return on investment. We constantly monitor performance parameters, provide regular maintenance and take care of all operational requirements.

GreenYellow is your trusted partner throughout the process, offer unparalleled expertise in the field of decentralized photovoltaics. By choosing GreenYellow, you benefit from a turnkey, customized and sustainable solution, which allows you to reduce your energy costs, reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Solar production solutions 100%-financed thanks to our #SHIFTProduction offer for tailor-made and turnkey solar projects

The solar solutions in our #ShiftProduction offer can be combined or activated individually, so you can size your solar plant photovoltaic system to suit your needs.

Rooftop solar plant

Enhance the rooftops of your sites and reduce your energy bill.

Carport Installation

Valuing lost floor space and contributing to the transition to a greener economy.

Solar Farm

Valuing unused space.

Solar Floating

Emerging surface technology.

Hybrid system

Combination of a renewable energy source and a conventional production system.

Your benefits in solar photovoltaic production

Thanks to the customizable and 100%-financed GreenYellow solutions of our #SHIFTProduction offer, 

  1. Reduce your energy costs
  2. Strengthen your energy self-sufficiency
  3. Concentrate fully on your core business while reducing your investment
  4. Enhance the value of your real estate and facilities over the long term
  5. Respond to regulatory changes and take advantage of it 
  6. Meet your environmental commitments and promote your actions to your targets
  7. Benefit from a risk-free contract thanks to our contractual guarantees 

A proven methodology to achieve concrete results

Our team of experts will design tailor-made solutions to help you generate green, local and economical electricity on your sites, thanks to our in-depth technical skills.

Design & Development

6-24 months


3-12 months

Management & Operations

15-30 years

What are our design phases?

Our customized solutions are tailored to your needs, the type of investment and the consumption of your sites


Under a PPA On Site contract, the solar plant photovoltaic system is installed directly on the client property, whether as a rooftop power plant, in the shade of a parking lot, or as a solar farm.


Under a PPA Off Site - CPPA contract, the green electricity generated by the power plant is fed into the grid and used to supply electricity to client via an energy supply contract.

Type of consumption

Self-consumption or grid injection

  • Self-consumption: installation of a solar power system on unused roofs or parking lots to produce and consume green energy directly where it is produced.
  • Grid feed-in: Customized solar plant to optimize energy supply according to local pricing and supply conditions.

GreenYellow’s advantages

  1. Photovoltaics has been our core business since 2007

  2. Recognized expertise

  3. Solutions 100% financed by GreenYellow

  4. Equipment lifecycle management

  5. Guaranteed performance

  6. Carbon footprint assessment

  7. The combination of the power of an international player and the proximity of local experts who are immediately operational

  8. Solutions tailored to the geography, local regulations, sectoral challenges and specific expectations of companies and local communities.

Our key figures in Solar Production Offers

Let's analyze together
the ecological and financial impact
of your energy optimization.

Our experts will contact you to understand your needs and develop your turnkey project, 100% financed!

Further information

Optimize your energy efficiency upstream of your solar project to avoid over-dimensioning.

To find out more about our #ShiftEfficiency energy efficiency solutions, click here.

Equip your sites with electric vehicle charging stations to offer your visitors an additional service

With the charging stations solutions (charging station infrastructure for electric vehicles) from our #SHIFTMobility offer, you can benefit from charging station equipment tailored to your needs:

  • Our solutions cover all configurations, with a choice of power ratings.
  • You can also plan to power your bollards using your parking lot's photovoltaic solar shading systems.

Discover examples of client achievements in solar production


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