The energy transition for the retail sector, also known as the retail trade, is a major challenge to be met in order to contribute to the fight against climate change and to environmental sustainability. This sector encompasses a wide variety of businesses, such as supermarkets, clothing stores, shopping malls, specialty stores and so on.

Retail is heavily dependent on energy to run its stores, warehouses, transport systems and distribution centers. Reducing their carbon emissions is essential to limiting their impact on the climate. This means investing in renewable energy sources such as solar power, modernizing lighting and control systems, for example, and rethinking transport and logistics methods. GreenYellow is the partner you can trust to help you meet the challenges of sustainable development. We specialize in work on occupied sites, and offer a comprehensive approach to retailers' entire energy value chain. We analyze, design, finance, deploy and manage energy installations, while guaranteeing the savings achieved. Our mission is to support retailers in their energy transition, taking into account the multiple and crucial issues at stake, given their essential role in energy consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. 

Improving energy efficiency

Retailers need to implement measures to optimize their energy consumption on a multi-site basis. This involves adopting energy-saving technologies, implementing energy management systems, and raising collaborator and clients awareness to reduce site energy consumption. GreenYellow Through its #SHIFTEfficiency (energy efficiency) and #SHIFTEnergyServices (energy services) offers, we support retailers at every stage of their processes, intervening on all utilities (heating, cooling, lighting, HVAC, etc.) and also adapting working conditions for establishments open to the public (ERP).

Transition to renewable energies

Retail can play an important role in stimulating demand for renewable energies. This can be done by installing solar panels on the roofs of buildings, or by purchasing green energy from electricity suppliers. GreenYellow has been a recognized expert in decentralized solar production since 2007, thanks to its #SHIFTProduction offer, which provides turnkey contracts and tailor-made for rooftop photovoltaic solar power plants, or parking lot shading, for example.

Energy demand management

The energy transition of retailers also includes energy demand management strategies. These include load shedding to avoid peaks in demand, and the use of energy storage batteries to optimize the use of resources while reducing energy costs. GreenYellow offers a proactive approach in this area, and goes even further by proposing a micro-grid model through its partnership with Schneider Electric. This initiative aims to promote more sustainable and efficient energy management for buildings and other facilities.

Cost and investment management

Energy transition can also offer economic benefits in terms of reduced long-term energy costs. However, this often requires substantial initial investment. By calling on GreenYellow, our clients retailers benefit from turnkey contracts, with no financial risks, because they are fully managed and financed by GreenYellow. In this way, GreenYellow enables the retail sector to accelerate their energy transition in a comprehensive, transparent and efficient way. 

The energy transition for the retail sector requires concerted efforts to reduce carbon footprints, improve energy efficiency, adopt renewable energies such as solar power, and promote sustainable practices throughout the supply chain. This also represents an opportunity for retail companies to differentiate themselves, gain the trust of environmentally conscious consumers and actively contribute to protecting the planet. By calling on the expertise of GreenYellow, the retail sector can tackle this transition effectively and successfully, and actively commit itself to a more sustainable future.

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