Your tailor-made multi-site, multi-geography energy efficiency project

Reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint

for sustainably more respectful and comfortable sites and buildings

GreenYellow,  international expert in energy efficiency, can help you define realistic, long-term energy-saving targets. Our international teams can target the most effective performance levers and act across your entire value chain.

Energy Efficiency solutions fully financed

thanks to our #SHIFTEfficiency for turnkey and tailor-made projects

Thanks to our solutions, which can be combined or activated individually, we can intervene globally and on different utilities:



Compressed air production and HVAC systems

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning


Industrial & commercial refrigeration

Industrial heat and steam


Intelligent control via CTM or BMS

CTM (Centralized Technical Management) or a BMS (Technical Building Management) 

As a result, you preserve your cash flow and debt capacity, strengthen your competitiveness through increased energy savings, minimize the impact of rising energy prices on your business results, and benefit from modernized equipment, while reducing your carbon emissions.

Your energy efficiency benefits

Depending on your needs and the energy profile of each of your sites, the 100% financed, customizable solutions of our #SHIFTEfficiency offer enable you to :

  1. Reduce your energy costs over the long term
  2. Renovate your facilities and replace your equipment with more efficient, less energy-intensive utilities / OR / Renew your equipment fleet for greater energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs
  3. Focus fully on your core business and reduce your investment
  4. Make your processes more reliable with new equipment
  5. Gain visibility and understanding of your energy consumption
  6. Meet regulatory requirements and benefit from them
  7. Respect your environmental commitments (CO2 reduction, water, refrigerant gases, etc.)

A proven methodology to achieve concrete results

Our team of GreenYellow experts, backed by in-depth technical skills, designs tailor-made solutions to help you maximize the energy efficiency of your sites.


Energy audits / Definition of energy profile site by site / Analysis of consumption requirements / Identification of energy-saving opportunities

3-6 months

Management & Operations
Analysis and monitoring reports, with a multi-site view as required
For the duration of the contract
Energy efficiency work and system operation

4 to 6 months

For the duration of the contract

How can you reduce your site's consumption?

Our customized energy efficiency solutions

tailored to your needs, the energy profile of your sites and your equipment



Comprehensive implementation of guaranteed energy-saving solutions and equipment upgrades, for a sustainable reduction in energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Utility-as-a-Service (UaaS)

Replacement and maintenance - on your behalf - of refrigeration, cooling and heating systems and equipment such as pumps and motors, for example, to reduce energy costs over the long term.


Upgrade gas-based refrigeration systems to comply with current and future regulations, while reducing your carbon footprint.

Easy Vision


The energy & utilities monitoring solution (HVAC, refrigeration and lighting) from GreenYellow gives you 7/24 access to your sites' consumption and allows you to :

  • Set up alerts
  • A detailed site-by-site view
  • A global, multi-site vision
Optimal Lighting-Carulla-Colombia-ShiftEfficiency

Optimal Lighting

Luminaire renewal including intelligent lighting control for the comfort and safety of building users, while generating quantified energy savings

GreenYellow’s advantages

  1. No initial investment, your project is 100% financed by GreenYellow
  2. Project management from A to Z
  3. Design tailor-made to suit your needs
  4. Optimum commissioning
  5. Recognized global expertise
  6. High added-value solutions
  7. Guaranteed energy savings for the duration of the contract
  8. Carbon footprint assessment
  9. Combining the power of an international player with the proximity of local experts who are immediately operational
  10. Solutions tailored to the geography, local regulations, sectoral challenges and specific expectations of companies and local communities.

Our key figures in Energy Efficiency Offer

Optimize your energy costs even further by combining solutions from our #SHIFTProduction and #SHIFTMobility offers.
Equip your sites with electric vehicle charging stations (charging stations) and offer your visitors an additional service

Implementing an energy efficiency project upstream of a solar projectmaximizes the benefits of the latter, as it will be sized according to reduced and optimized energy requirements. 

👉Find out more about the solar photovoltaic and solar hybrid solutions in our #SHIFTProduction offer.

With solutions from our #SHIFTMobility offer, benefit from charging station equipment for electric vehicles tailored to your needs:

  • Our solutions cover all configurations, with a choice of power ratings.
  • You can also plan to power your bollards using your parking lot's photovoltaic solar shading systems.

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