Your optimized multi-site energy supply strategy

Reduce your energy costs

thanks to the support of GreenYellow for an optimized tailor-made energy supply strategy tailored to your needs.

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GreenYellow, an international expert in the energy transition of companies and local communities, offers you its expertise in drawing up an energy profile tailor-made for each of your sites. This approach aims to optimize your energy procurement strategy according to your specific needs, while offer you better management of your energy consumption.

Tailor-made and turnkey energy services

with our #SHIFTEnergyServices offer

The #SHIFTEnergyServices solutions can be combined or activated individually:


Evaluation and adjustment of energy contracts

Managing energy bills

Energy consumption monitoring

By choosing our solutions, you reduce your energy costs and your carbon footprint, while minimizing the impact of rising energy costs on your bottom line.

Your energy services benefits :

  1. Meet your environmental commitments and promote your actions to your targets
  2. Meet regulatory requirements and benefit from them
  3. Reduce your energy bill
  4. Optimize your energy management system
  5. Make your energy strategy more reliable with aggregated data
  6. Focus on your core business by outsourcing these services to an energy expert

High value-added energy services

to achieve concrete results

Our team of GreenYellow experts, backed by in-depth technical skills, designs tailor-made solutions to help you manage your sites' energy loads

  • Fully integrated digital tools
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • And a unique contractual solution
  • Optimized energy strategy
  • Global expertise
  • Customized reports

Complete integration of all your sites for both macro and micro monitoring of your energy expenditure

Contract optimization

Adjusting energy supply contracts to reduce energy bills 

  • Energy profile definition
    Centralized energy bill database
  • Study of energy consumption curves and realization of energy balances
    Online tracking :
    • Update your management KPIs, integrating a multi-site vision
    • Updating contract expiry dates, monitoring changes in regulations and market prices


Digital energy & utilities monitoring solution (HVAC, refrigeration and lighting) from GreenYellow.

EasyVision is the GreenYellow tool used by our Energy Managers and clients to monitor and control the energy performance of all their sites in real time.

  • Centralized multi-site management through a user-friendly interface
  • Energy-saving monitoring dashboards, interactive graphs and analytical reports
  • Detailed consultation of all site data (weather, energy information and utility data) to understand energy consumption
  • Alert (by e-mail or WhatsApp) in case of consumption drift
  • Operation and monitoring In the event of drift, our Energy Managers define the most appropriate response to remedy the situation, as part of a continuous improvement process.

Load shedding

Contributing to balancing the electricity grid through load shedding can be an interesting element in terms of communication,commitment to the environment and energy savings.

  • Occasional drop in a site's electricity consumption, as seen from the network, according to predefined criteria (in response to a network signal or an external request) via :
    • Management of cold production and other utilities (e.g. heating, refrigeration, ovens, etc.) that may have inertia to relieve the network.
    • Storage using batteries that take over during grid blackouts, triggered by a grid or price signal.
    • The use of generators: to replace all or part of the grid's electricity consumption by the use of generators during peaks in consumption.

Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin

Issuance of Guarantees of Origin (GOs) for companies with ESG commitments

  • A system for awarding certificates launched on the European market, giving consumers a guarantee that they are using electricity generated from renewable energy sources. The energy used by the consumer is said to be "green".
  • These "GOs" ensure that the annual volume of electricity consumed is offset by the injection into the grid of the same volume of electricity produced by renewable sources.
  • By acquiring "GOs", consumers certify their use of local, green energy.
  • 1 Guarantee of Origin Certificate = 1MWh
  • GreenYellow has developed expertise in the process of acquiring the most appropriate and relevant certificates for clients projects. 

I-REC certificate

Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) for companies with ESG commitments

  • By acquiring REC certificates, you can guarantee that the energy comes from renewable sources and is therefore "clean". 1 REC = 1 MWh of renewable energy produced
  • GreenYellow has the proven know-how to support its clients customers in selecting the most appropriate and relevantcertification programs for their projects.
  • A individual support allowing you to :
    • Prove the origin of the electricity consumed.
      Prove the reduction of its GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions: Scope 2 emissions, which are indirect emissions from energy consumption.
    • Achieve your sustainability goals.
    • Highlight investments in sustainability.
    • Improve your indicators for reporting programs. 

GreenYellow's advantages

#SHIFTEnergyServices: A step-by-step approach to turn energy optimization into a real lever for value creation 

  1. Recognized expertise GreenYellow in the various levers of Energy Transition
  2. We carry out a detailed energy audit of your invoices and contracts, and manage negotiations.
  3. We define an energy procurement strategy aimed at obtaining the most competitive prices in line with your needs.
  4. Our GreenYellow experts provide customized analysis reports and energy balances, giving you greater visibility of your consumption in real time.
  5. An effective methodology for implementing an optimized energy strategy
  6. A digital ecosystem enabling you to achieve your goals and benefit from remote monitoring 

Our key figures in Energy Services

Together, let's explore the most efficient servicest to your needs

Go further in controlling your energy costs and sustainably reduce your energy consumption by combining solutions from our #SHIFTEfficiency and #SHIFTProduction offers .

Implementing an energy efficiency project coupled with our energy services solutions, you can further reduce your energy consumption over the long term, with a contractual guarantee associated with the projects developed by GreenYellow.

What's more, implementing a solar project following on from an energy efficiency project maximizes the benefits of the former, as it will be dimensioned on a reduced and optimized energy requirement. 

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Equip your sites with electric vehicle charging stations and offer your visitors an additional service. 

With our solutions #SHIFTMobility offer, you can benefit from charging stations for electric vehicles (charging stations) tailored to your needs: 

  • Our solutions cover all configurations, with a choice of power ratings.
  • You can also plan to power your charging stations from your parking lot's photovoltaic solar shading systems. 

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