Charging infrastructure solutions for electric vehicles (charging stations)

for resilient, sustainable electric mobility

by equipping your sites with charging stations for electric vehicles


GreenYellow, an international expert in energy transition for businesses and local communities, offers you its e-mobility solutions tailor-made, turnkey and financed, to deploy your own ecosystems of charging infrastructures for electric vehicles (charging stations) thanks to our #SHIFTMobility offer.

Our #SHIFTMobility solutions cover all possible configurations, with a wide range of charging powers available. Our experts at GreenYellow will support you from the definition of your charging stations (Infrastructure de Recharge pour Véhicule Electrique - Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure) project, taking into account your needs right through to customized deployment at each of your sites, offer the following services: 

  • Engineering
  • Procurement and commissioning
  • On-site deployment
  • Supervision and maintenance of electric vehicle charging stations
  • Payment solutions
  • Charge as a Service (CaaS model)
  • And much more

Installation of GreenYellow terminals for electric vehicles

The advantages of charging stations from our #SHIFTMobility offer

By choosing GreenYellow, you are actively contributing to the development of electric mobility, while offer an additional service to your users, such as collaborators, clients or visitors. What's more, you'll preserve your cash flow and debt capacity, as our projects are 100% financed: 

  1. Benefit from the expertise of GreenYellow - Expert in energy transition.
  2. Clearly demonstrate your commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
  3. Contribute to the acceleration of electric mobility with sustainable turnkey solutions.
  4. Size your projects according to your needs.
  5. Benefit from the most innovative ultra-fast charging technologies

A high-performance, 100%-financed e-mobility project

Whether you're looking for conventional infrastructure, ultra-fast charging, stand-alone charging stations or charging stations combined with solar panels, our team of GreenYellow experts, with its in-depth technical skills, has the right solution for your needs, existing equipment and site configuration.

GreenYellow’s advantages

  1. Full support from our experts, from design to operation.
  2. Turnkey projects and tailor-made.
  3. Financing 100% provided by GreenYellow.
  4. Deployment possible in less than 3 months.
  5. Multi-site expertise.

Our key figures for Electric Mobility Infrastructure

GreenYellow, your partner for accelerating your energy transition
and making electric mobility more accessible

Together, let's define your electric vehicle charging station (charging stations) infrastructure project

Go further in your actions in favor of the energy transition by combining solutions from our #SHIFTProduction, for solar production, and #SHIFTEfficiency, for energy efficiency.

To accelerate your path towards decarbonization, GreenYellow offers you an integrated approach combining our offers #SHIFTMobility and #SHIFTProduction. This combination enables you to power your electric vehicle charging stations using photovoltaic solar panels installed in parking lot shades, on roofs or on the ground.  

👉 Find out more about our solar photovoltaic and solar hybrid solutions.

And if you want to reduce your carbon footprint even further, discover our energy efficiency solutions in our offer #SHIFTEfficiency. Our solutions enable you to sustainably reduce your energy consumption and renew your equipment without any financial impact.

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