Case client energy efficiency - Retailability

Retailability is a group of retail brands based in South Africa.

Project background

GreenYellow will implement energy efficiency projects at 108 of the Retailability Group's Edgars store sites, as part of a 7-year partnership, resulting in a substantial reduction in their direct carbon footprint.
The contract calls for a complete overhaul of the lighting and optimization of the Edgars store portfolio, requiring no investment on the part of Retailability and delivering immediate energy savings.

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Key points of the project

  • Higher lighting levels in stores and improved store aesthetics
  • Tracking energy waste
  • Conversion of old LEDs to new LED technology to reduce energy consumption
  • Energy savings on lighting of up to 60% with improved LUX levels and reduced maintenance on lights
  • Reduce economic and energy costs at sites
  • Reducing carbon footprint
  • Guaranteed availability and performance throughout the life of the contract
  • Contracttype : EEA | lighting
  • Number of sites: 108
  • Contractstart date: February 2022
  • Contract duration: 7 years

Key figures

18 GWh

energy savings

16 186 t

of CO2 avoided


investment client

Emissions of emissionsavoidedequivalent to

80 930

trees planted 

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