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Exito is a Colombian goods and services distribution group whose main shareholder is the Brazilian group GPA.

Project background

The new Exito "WOW del Este " store opened in August with an innovative refrigeration system installed by GreenYellow teams in Colombia. Over and above the replacement of refrigerants, this transformative solution enables a comprehensive energy efficiency strategy to be set in motion, optimizing the performance of refrigeration systems and considerably reducing carbon footprints.

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Key points of the project

  • Replacement of old , polluting R22 refrigerant
  • Refrigerant renewal
  • Optimizing the performance of refrigeration systems 
  • Adoption of 100% natural refrigerants (CO2 and propane natural gas) in all warehouse refrigerators
  • Comprehensive energy efficiency strategy
  • Reducing carbon footprint 
  • Lower electricity demand 
  • Lower operating costs
  • Energy savings equivalent to 68 tonnes of CO2eq per year
  • Contracttype : Energy Services | Refrigeration Systems 
  • Number of sites: 1
  • Contractstart date: 2023

Key figures

68 t 

CO2eq/year in energy savings

2 763 t

of CO2 avoided

13 161

trees planted

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