Towards "green" refrigerants
thanks to solutions from GreenYellow

GreenYellow pioneer in Latin America and Colombia to accelerate the transition to "green" refrigerants

Did you know? Refrigeration is one of the main areas of energy consumption for food manufacturers and retailers.
Refrigeration also involves the use of refrigerant gases, which can be polluting.

To respond effectively to these two energy challenges, GreenYellow Colombia has developed an innovative solution for modernizing cooling systems to optimize energy consumption while significantly reducing carbon emissions.

Examples include two pilot projects at Medellin and Bogota stores belonging to Colombian retailer Grupo Exito. A wider roll-out is planned across 60 of the retailer's sites.
Thanks to this large-scale operation carried out by GreenYellow, Grupo Exito will reduce its carbon footprint by 30% in two years.

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