Our Management Team

An Executive Committee committed and driven by the same ambition:

Accelerate the energy transition of our clients by helping them to consume less and better.

Our aim is to save them money, while decarbonizing their activities quickly and efficiently. 

Since 2007, the GreenYellow method has proven its effectiveness by combining a global vision of energy with a tailor-made approach adapted to the challenges of each client. Our GreenYellow experts are present at every stage of the project, from audit to design, construction, financing, management, operation and monitoring. With, at the end of the day, guaranteed performance over the entire duration of the contract.

Our Executive Executive GreenYellow (from left to right) Gino Gauthier, Managing Director in charge of Development and Partnerships - Karine Anne HuberfeldSecretary general - Otmane Hajji, Chairman and Founder - Philippe Houins, Chief Operating Officer and Founder - Jean-Baptiste JueryChief Financial Chief Financial Officer - Pascal KertoubiGroup Human Resources Director

GreenYellow continues to grow at a steady pace. The evolution of our shareholder base, with the arrival of Ardian as majority shareholder since October 2022, gives us the resources and support necessary to pursue our ambitions

  • Pursue its development as a long-term operator, owning and operating its own assets.
  • Accelerate our development through external growth, by acquiring complementary assets and companies.
  • Expand our geographical coverage, with a strong acceleration in Europe over the next 5 years.

COMEX GreenYellow remains determined to continue its journey with commitment and dynamism to actively contribute to the energy transition and a more sustainable future. 


We have always been convinced of the urgent need to save energy, to accelerate the decarbonization of energy consumption and to massively increase the production of green, local energy.
Since its creation, GreenYellow has responded to the challenges of the energy transition: consume less and consume better! That's why our very DNA is imbued with environmental and societal responsibility.
It's our dual vocation, economic and environmental, that enables us to be a true ally of our clients.

Otmane Hajji, President and founder of GreenYellow 

Operational excellence for the energy transition

Our business model is based on the performance of the solutions we provide to our clients, and therefore on the energy savings we help them achieve. 

Our broad range of expertise enables us both to be their one-stop shop for transforming their energy ecosystem, and also to maintain this virtuous circle through constant improvement and innovation to anticipate future energy revolutions. 

In this way, we help to de-risk tomorrow's technologies and turn them into green, sustainable and profitable investments. 

Philippe Houins, Managing Director, Operations

We are an ally in the energy transition of our clients.

The development of GreenYellow is directly linked to the energy needs of our clients. Since every energy transition is unique, we start by understanding our clients' needs holistically, to show them that we can have a positive impact on their entire business.

In this way, we become their ally, their "strong arm" for all their energy needs, over the long term. As our solutions improve thanks to technological developments, we share these benefits with them as part of our follow-up.

Gino Gauthier, Managing Director, Development and Partnerships

Committed to a profitable and sustainable energy transition

The energy transition has imposed itself on everyone. There is an urgent need to act, but good intentions are not enough: what is sustainable must be profitable.

GreenYellow is committed to a profitable and sustainable energy transition for all, thanks to its model as a long-term operator that invests in decentralized solar photovoltaic installations, energy efficiency and energy services at its clients sites.

I'm delighted to be able to contribute fully to GreenYellow 's continued international development by ensuring global safety, everywhere in the world.

Karine Anne Huberfeld, General Secretary

Giving our clients the means to make their ecological transition a reality

The financial teams at GreenYellow are working to achieve an ecologically responsible and economically efficient energy transition. They are directly involved in the expansion of local energy-saving and solar-powered solutions.

Thanks to the expertise of its specialized project finance teams and its operating mode, GreenYellow offers its clients the means to make their energy transition a reality without having to invest themselves. In this way, GreenYellow is also a transition gas pedal.

Jean-Baptiste Juery, Chief Financial Officer

People and CSR at the heart of our development

Because our teams, present in some twenty countries, are committed by conviction to the energy transition, CSR is a fundamental component of the meaning of work at GreenYellow. The desire to contribute to such a cause unquestionably fuels all our individual and collective actions.

The diversity of our teams is key to bringing together a wide range of perspectives to better meet the global and local challenges of the energy transition.

The entrepreneurial spirit and agility that characterize our teams are prodigious driving forces. After 16 years in business, we need to build on these fundamentals and become more structured in order to move on to the next chapter in our history.

Supported by training and personalized development projects, every collaborator contributes to making our clients energy transition a success!

Pascal Kertoubi, Group Human Resources Director