Our partnerships

At GreenYellow, we are constantly enriching our integrated platform of decarbonization offers, so that we can better support our clients in their energy transition. Our value proposition also includes partnerships.

GreenYellow & Schneider Electric - a leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, have teamed up to accelerate the low-carbon trajectory of large companies around the world and help them better manage their energy supply through two partnerships.

GreenYellow continues to develop new strategic partnerships in order to provide its clients, businesses and local communities, with ever-better support in their low-carbon trajectory and in controlling their energy costs.

Contact us to develop a partnership in favor of the energy transition in our different geographies.

At the same time, GreenYellow is accelerating its growth through a network of international business introducers.

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Energy efficiency partnership

As of November 16, 2021GreenYellow and Schneider Electric have developed a partnership to offer turnkey , fully financed energy efficiency programs to major international corporations.

With this partnership, Schneider Electric and GreenYellow offer their international clients fully financed energy efficiency programs and technologies that can be deployed at all their sites in the territories in which they operate. The offer deployed on the basis of this partnership specializes in the segment of manufacturers present in several countries and large energy consumers, in order to support those who have the ambition to accelerate their decarbonization.

Benefit from the combined expertise of two French energy champions

Schneider Electric contributes its consulting expertise in defining operational decarbonization roadmaps as well as EcoStruxure™ Resource Advisor, its digital platform for collecting data and assessing companies' progress in decarbonizing.

GreenYellow brings its know-how in terms of energy efficiency, ensures the installation of efficiency technologies and their follow-up, is committed to performance guarantees and will carry the investment, in order to deliver fully funded programs.

Through this partnership, GreenYellow is targeting a minimum investment of 100 million euros worldwide, equivalent to energy efficiency programs deployed in several hundred plants, generating several hundred GWh of energy savings per year for clients and the planet.

Microgrid as a Service solutions partnership

On April 13, 2023, GreenYellow and Schneider entered into a new partnership to offer commercial and industrial microgrid solutions throughout Europe.

Through this partnership, microgrid solutions require no upfront investment and reduce energy costs while improving energy resilience and sustainability. 

A new Microgrid solution based on the EaaS (Energy-as-a-Service) model

This solution is aimed at energy purchasers in the Commercial & Industrial (C&I) sector operating retail stores, logistics centers and tertiary buildings, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), such as factories, breweries and dairies. Microgrids will enable businesses across Europe to control their energy costs and increase their energy security, while accelerating their transition to sustainability. Offered as a service, this solution provides companies with all the benefits of a microgrid, without the substantial initial investment usually required .

Microgrids replace expensive, carbon-intensive electricity purchased from the grid with clean, self-generated, environmentally-friendly energy from solar photovoltaic systems. Battery storage, which can be integrated into the solutions, further enhances the flexibility offered by photovoltaic energy, further reducing costs and carbon emissions. Savings can also be achieved by taking advantage of the system's advanced controls and intelligent algorithms tooptimize the operation of the local power plant and determine whether energy should be used or stored .

In addition, microgrids also improve energy resilience, as they ensure that facilities have a constant supply of energy in the event of grid failure or extreme weather conditions. 

Under the partnership, Schneider Electric and GreenYellow will provide end-to-end support to companies looking to integrate microgrids into their operations. Schneider and GreenYellow will analyze and evaluate company data tooptimize network implementation, including load profiles, energy demand and supply structure, and tariff structure. 

The companies will supply the photovoltaic panels, battery energy storage system, electrical distribution, complete system controls, and provide regular maintenance for the microgrid. GreenYellow will be responsible for operating the microgrid system, which Schneider Electric will optimize using operational data. Together, the two companies will provide their clients with a complete solution, making it easier for them to access microgrids and take full advantage of their many benefits.