Our Ethics & Compliance commitments

Integrity as a guideline!

GreenYellow emphasizes occupational health and safety by adopting an ambitious goal of “zero accidents”. This requirement and this rigor apply to all collaborators and subcontractors, who will be both the main beneficiaries and the key players in our culture of prevention.  

GreenYellow is therefore committed to preventing all types of occupational or environmental incidents or accidents, by offering everyone the best working conditions. 


At GreenYellow, we consider our collaborators to be the wealth of our company and the driving force behind our success. We are committed to providing them with a safe, inclusive and respectful working environment, where everyone is encouraged to contribute and grow. Our Code of Business Conduct clearly defines the behaviors and business practices expected of our collaborators.

We have also set up an ethics hotline to listen to their concerns, available at this link.
This totally independent, secure and confidential platform enables all employees, current, former or in the process of being recruited, to report facts or breaches that could represent a danger, harm the company or the general interest: discrimination, harassment, corruption, breaches of competition law, etc.
This platform is a complementary tool to the possible channels of communication already in place: your manager, your HR department and also your CSE.


We see our clients as valuable partners committed to our mission of energy transition. We strive to deploy high-quality projects, based on rigorous safety and performance standards. Our ethical charter guides us in treating every client with fairness, responding to their specific needs and guaranteeing their satisfaction.


We believe in the power of partnerships to catalyze the energy transition. That's why we look for partners who share our values of integrity, social responsibility and the environment. By establishing mutually beneficial collaborations, we strengthen our ability to create a positive impact on society.

GreenYellow wants to be a player in the energy transition who puts ethics first. We are committed to maintaining sound and legal relationships in the different geographies in which we operate. In order to pursue our activities with complete integrity, we are rigorous in our assessment of our partners, but we are also attentive to their needs, which is why our ethics alert line is open to them via this link.
If you have any questions about this system, please go to the bottom of this page.


We recognize our responsibility to local communities ; we fully integrate the institutions and populations of the geographies in which we operate into our projects. By working closely with them, we seek to understand their needs and support social and environmental projects that create sustainable value for all. We are committed to being a responsible and respectful player in our interactions with communities.


Suspected harassment, discrimination, corruption, misappropriation of funds, breaches of competition law... We're here to listen.

The Ethics Alert Line enables our employees and partners to report any facts, breaches, crimes and offenses that may be committed within the company and that must be stopped.

GreenYellow wishes to maintain the safety and respect of its employees and partners, in order to understand our steps and procedures, click on the link and consult our procedure.

Ethical Alert Procedure GreenYellow


Our Ethics Charter, our Code of Business Conduct and our Responsible Purchasing Code concretize our commitments to integrity and compliance.

These documents guide our collaborators and partners in their daily actions, defining the fundamental rules we promote and the ethical standards we expect from our various stakeholders.

GreenYellow Ethics Charter

HSE Golden Rules

Responsible Purchasing Code