Our Health & Safety Commitments

The men and women who make up GreenYellow are the wealth of the company.

GreenYellow emphasizes occupational health and safety by adopting an ambitious goal of “zero accidents”. This requirement and this rigor apply to all collaborators and subcontractors, who will be both the main beneficiaries and the key players in our culture of prevention.  

GreenYellow is therefore committed to preventing all types of occupational or environmental incidents or accidents, by offering everyone the best working conditions. 

The Safety Values of GreenYellow

#1 Adopt an attitude appropriate to work situations and ensure that you have the technical skills required for the task in hand. 

#2 Whatever the vehicle, adopt a safe driving style adapted to the environment

#3 Ensure safe travel (all modes of transport) 

#4 Always wear personal protective equipment on work sites and during site visits. 

#5 Check tools for integrity and correct operation before use 

#6 Make sure you have a valid work permit and the necessary authorizations before any operation. 

#7 Wear appropriate safety equipment when working at height, and be trained and competent to perform work at height. 

#8 Adopt the necessary precautions when working on power supply systems 

#9 Adopt the necessary precautions during lifting operations 

The golden rules GreenYellow of workplace safety must be known and scrupulously observed by all collaborators of the company and its subcontractors. They apply to everyone working on GreenYellow sites, offices or construction sites, anywhere in the world. They are based on systematic risk identification, assessment and management processes. 

Safety is our priority!

... with 2 key principles

Management of Change: No technical or organizational changes can be made without prior formal authorization to avoid any additional risk. At GreenYellow, we cannot accept that an injury is due to a foreseeable cause or to dangerous actions. 

Stop Work Authority: Any GreenYellow collaborator or subcontractor has the right - and the duty - to stop or refuse work that is dangerous, risky and/or beyond his or her competence. 

Through our processes, our Health, Safety and Environment Charter and our training campaigns, GreenYellow applies the highest standards of safety and security on our construction sites and other workplaces.